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What I miss about the google toolbar PR rating

Whether you obsessed about it, ignored it completely, or engaged in the never ending debates about its validity, the PR rating in googles old toolbar left its mark in SEO history.

The main thing I liked about it, and what I miss about it now, was that it showed a PR of 0 for sites/directories that it didn't like. Over night they'd do an update, and a crummy directory would go from PR 5 to PR 0. You knew not to list there, or try to get your link removed if you already had.

Without it, I'm not sure what the modern way of telling whether a link from a site/directory is good or bad.

I see lots of sites offering PR checking have sprung up, but with google no longer providing a feed, I've no idea where they are getting their data from so doubt its value.

Advice? How do you assess whether a link from a site/directory would be good/bad?

Please help...

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2017-10-16 10:32:25



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