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air shower channel quote

manual air shower with electronic interlock door

Manual door electronic interlock air shower has two types of structure, integral, and split. According to the materials, it has three types: ⑴ purification color steel plate, ⑵ carbon steel plate, ⑶ stainless steel plate. Manual door electronic interlock air shower is placed in the connection of clean room. The ground should be sealed with rubber foam, to prevent outside air from contamination. The power supply should be connected into clean area power cabinet, to make it be powered off when clean area is powered off.

Manual air shower
According to the degree of automation of the air shower can be divided into: intelligent voice air shower, manual door air shower, automatic door air shower, single door air shower, double open door air shower, double open automatic sliding door air shower , Explosion-proof air shower, fast shutter door air shower, and so on. Manual door air shower is used for drugs, vegetables, raw and cooked food finishing and precision instruments, electronic instrument workshop. When the staff enter the workshop, use this equipment with strong clean air. Remove the dust, hair, debris and other debris attached to the clothes, through pre-filter, medium filter, and HEPA filter to eliminate, prevent the staff from taking dust, bacteria into the workshop. It makes workplace reach strict hygienic standards and produce high quality product.

Electronic dust-free workshop air shower
Air shower in electronic product clean room, generally has to ensure the basic performance of the air shower in addition to the premise of the static function. Cleanliness directly affects the quality of electronic products, using a supply air, the second air supply system, a large number of FFU and air shower equipment, to reduce clean room air pollution particles and the number of electrostatic ions, when the person / cargo passes through the air shower channel, the pollution particles are blowed off by clean air. The static electricity is neutralized and the high wind speed ensures that the jet effectiveness and drift particles are filtered through pre-filter and HEPA filter.

Cargo air shower
Cargo air shower is an necessary access for goods to enter clean room. It reduces contamination of the goods entering and leaving the clean room.

clean cargo air shower
Clean cargo air shower has two door electronic interlock, as air lock function, to prevent unpurified air from entering clean room. It has high-tech intelligent voice hint system. It has voice hint while blowing. User-friendly voice provides comfortable feeling. Clean air passes through HEPA filter and it is sprayed out from rotatable nozzles. It effectively and promptly clean dust and particles. Air with dust and particles is recycled by pre-filter and HEPA filter, then goes into new air shower circulation.air shower channel quote



2018-04-28 00:21:36



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