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coach the Chicago Bears, ex-

Louis van Gaal has been sacked by Manchester United and is set to be replaced by Jose Mourinho at Old Trafford. Josh Allen Jersey . Here, we look back at the Dutchmans reign in quotes... I have managed in games at Old Trafford before and know what an incredible arena Old Trafford is and how passionate and knowledgeable the fans are.Louis van Gaal, upon the announcement that he was the new Manchester United manager, 19 May 2014 The most important difference is that I am training the players, not in the legs, but in the brain, in brain power.On his footballing philosophy, 26 July 2014I have never had an experience when you lose or draw at home when they are applauding you. They were very important in my first six months.On the support of the Manchester United fans despite a mixed start for him at the club, 31 December 2014 Man Utd to appoint Jose LIVE! All the latest with Jose Mourinho poised to replace Louis van Gaal at Man Utd I suppose in the end we couldnt cope with long-ball United. It was just thump it forward and see what they could get, and in the end it paid off for them.Sam Allardyce after his West Ham side drew at Old Trafford, 8 February 2015When you have 60 per cent ball possession do you think that you can do that with long balls?Van Gaal hits back and produces a four-page dossier which he hands to a journalist and says Give that to Big Sam, 10 February 2015 The fans are shouting every week, Louis van Gaals army! Louis van Gaals army! Louis van Gaal The fans are shouting every week, Louis van Gaals army! Louis van Gaals army!On United fans sticking behind him, 10 February 2015I cannot change that. I cannot change facts and you know that.On being questioned on a return of just four goals in the Premier League from Falcao, 9 March 2015 Mourinho and Man Utd A timeline of events involving Jose Mourinho, Louis van Gaal and Man Utd I have said to you that you are the best fans of the world but I was tonight a little bit disappointed. And I shall say why. I have seen a lady who plays the saxophone fantastically. Give her a big applause!At the end of season awards at Manchester United, 19 May 2015I hope that we succeed but still we have to be aware that its not like its a piece of cake.After securing Champions League qualification, 25 May 2015 When you are not willing to follow the principles of the philosophy, then there is only one way and that is out.On Victor Valdes refusal to play for Uniteds reserves, 15 July 2015 Last year the third captain was Mr. Mike Smalling. Sorry, I mean Chris Smalling. Louis van Gaal Thats my philosophy, the players have to accept the captain - the first captain is Wayne Rooney, the second captain is Michael Carrick and last year the third captain was Mr Mike Smalling. Sorry, I mean Chris Smalling.The boss drops a clanger at a pre-season press conference, 21 July 2015For me, Liverpool is a fantastic club. Because I have won every game against Liverpool.Van Gaal gloats after beating Liverpool 3-1, 12 September 2015In the consistency, he has surprised me, but in terms of his ability, no. Because we have known already for a long time he can do it.On Anthony Martials form after people questioned his high transfer fee, 23 October 2015 Van Gaal congratulates Anthony Martial You have an expression in England and it is, Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names can never hurt me. It is a fantastic expression. Why is he saying something? Because of the benefit of the club, or the benefit of himself?On Paul Scholes criticism of his United side, October 30 2015Of course I heard that, Im not deaf. Thats the opinion of the fans but afterwards they shall not be disappointed.On fans booing after United beat CSKA Moscow 1-0, 3 November 2015I dont have any problems with players but sometimes they are out of the team because their competitor is in that moment in a better shape, but that doesnt mean that I have a quarrel with the player. Its a matter of form.On Andreas Pereira and Jesse Lingard being preferred to Memphis Depay, 21 November 2015When you see the facts, we went further in the Capital One Cup [than last season] and qualified for the Champions League group stage.After Manchester United lost 3-2 to Wolfsburg in the Champions League, 8 December 2015 I dont want to finish my career with the club sacking me. Louis van Gaal The pressure was higher when I was starting out as a manager because I had more to lose then but, no, that doesnt affect my hunger or desire now because I dont want to finish my career with the club sacking me.On speculation his job is under threat, 19 December 2015Has anybody in this room not a feeling to apologise to me? Thats what I am wondering. I think I was already sacked, I have read. Or have been sacked.LVG ironically wishes the media Merry Christmas and tells them to enjoy their wine and a mince pie, on December 23, 2015It is not always...the club has to fire or sack me. Sometimes I do it by myself.Sparking speculation he was about to resign following defeat at Stoke, December 26, 2015 There are matches that I have enjoyed and there are also matches where Im very bored. Louis van Gaal There are matches that I have enjoyed and there are also matches where Im very bored or angry because we are not disorganising our opponents defence, but that is football.On being bored at Uniteds football, 11 January 2016We dont speak about Wayne Rooney, you have criticised him. I dont - you! [pointing at journalist Neil Custis] You too, fat man!Van Gaal brands a journalist a fat man before walking out of a press conference, 13 January 2016 Lingard seals Cup win Jesse Lingard hit the winner as Man Utd beat Crystal Palace in the cup final To beat Liverpool is always important. Today it was important because our competitors lost points and when the gap [at the top] is like this we can overturn that. That is what Im thinking.Refusing to rule out a title challenge after victory at Liverpool moves them seven points behind leaders Arsenal, 17 January 2016You cannot say that they are not right. They are right and of course they are disappointed and they have the right to boo me. You know it was not good today. Im very disappointed that I cannot reach the expectations of the fans. They have - or they had - great expectations of me, and I cannot fulfil them, so I am very frustrated because of that.On supporters reaction to a 1-0 home defeat by Southampton, 23 January 2016 The fans have - or they had - great expectations of me, and I cannot fulfil them, so I am very frustrated because of that. Louis van Gaal My wife is at home after returning from the Netherlands and the wine is already open. It is probably the most expensive bottle of wine because I have received that from Ed Woodward. I always get expensive wine when we beat an opponent from the top six and we beat Liverpool. I dont get any wine tonight for beating Derby, I only get it when I beat a club out of the top six in the Premier League!Preparing to celebrate an FA Cup win over Derby, 29 January 2016 The word desire is fantastic. We need desire, hunger and a lot of times I use the word horny to my players.Speaking ahead of Uniteds Europa League last-32 second-leg with Midtjylland. Like you, Juan Mata told laughing reporters when asked how the players responded to such comments from their manager. We react like you do! 24 February 2016 LVG was booed by some United supporters after Manchester Uniteds 3-1 win against Bournemouth. Expectations can be too high. Our purpose was to reach the top three because we wanted to do a bit better than last year. Yes [we have fallen below expectations], but then you have to analyse the circumstances, how I have to work. I am never feeling that I am under pressure. I do what I have to do.LVG concedes his side have failed to meet expectations ahead of a Manchester derby victory, 18 March 2016 Shall I grab your hair? What is your reaction, when I grab your hair? Louis van Gaal When you look at what Huth is doing with Fellaini, thats a penalty. Shall I grab your hair? What is your reaction, when I grab your hair? Your hair is much shorter than Fellaini, but when I do that, what are you doing then? I think thats a normal reaction. You have to first pick Huth, because he was the guy who grabbed the hair of Fellaini. I think the reaction of Fellaini is like a human being.Defending his midfielder Marouane Fellaini after the player attempted to elbow Leicester defender Robert Huth, 2 May 2016I am very arrogant. I am one of the best managers of the world.Insisting his faith in his ability hasnt been shaken by the constant press speculation about his future, 3 May 2016 FA Cup final talking points From Lingards stunner to decisions going against Palace, talking points from Man Utds FA Cup win Of course this is a missed opportunity, you could imagine how thrilled the players and fans and the coach also would have been in this situation. We have to cope with it and at the end we lost 3-2 so we have missed an opportunity.Reflecting on a 3-2 defeat at West Ham, which left Man City needing only a draw to seal a fourth-place finish ahead of United. Of course [I understand the boos], because I have also said that the expectation is very high, especially the fans. They are expecting a lot. But I think these expectations are much too high, and we are a team in transition, and that I have said when I started here. On being booed by United fans after their final Premier League game of the season, 17 May 2016 Van Gaal poses with the FA Cup I show you the cup and I dont discuss that [my future] with my friends in the media, who have already sacked me for six months.In his post-match press conference after winning the FA Cup, Van Gaal refuses to discuss his future as Manchester United manager, as news breaks Jose Mourinhos agent will be discussing a deal with the club in the coming days.   No, no - its over.A short response to Sky Sports News HQs James Cooper the day after Manchester Uniteds FA Cup win Van Gaal tells Sky Sports News HQ reporter James Cooper Its over. Also See: LVG leaves Utd LIVE! LVG: Its over Custom Buffalo Bills Jerseys . Never caused problems. Never raised a ruckus. Never got sick or hurt while frolicking in the fields of Claiborne Farm in Paris, Ky. Buffalo Bills Jerseys . Week 2s biggest games include Florida facing Miami and Notre Dame travelling to the Big House to conclude their rivalry against Michigan in primetime on TSN2 and TSN 1050. … ersey.aspx . A-Rod is also disqualified from any post-season play. So at the tender age of 38, he will miss all of next season. As a result of missing the coming season, hes also out $25 million (which coincidentally is my hourly rate).( - It was well over a year ago when a source with intimate knowledge of the San Francisco 49ers organization told me that Jim Tomsula would be the teams next head coach, at least if it were up to Niners general manager Trent Baalke. The information seemed absurd even if the entire league knew Baalke and Jim Harbaugh were speeding toward a divorce despite what turned out to be three straight trips to the NFC Championship Game and a Super Bowl berth. Tom and Jerry got along better than Baalke and Harbaugh, so that part of the equation added up. But the one that didnt was the fact that all those consistent, deep playoff runs were likely the only reason Greg Roman and Vic Fangio, the 49ers highly-regarded coordinators, werent head coaches themselves. So even if you accepted the fact Baalke and Harbaugh were going to part ways sooner rather than later, the Niners football chief also would have to bypass two coaches who were always in play for potential head-coaching positions in order to get to Tomsula. And that would take some serious testicular fortitude or some thoughtful political gamesmanship. Baalke chose the latter. As things progressed in 2014, it got a tad bit smoother for Baalke. The team came off the rails and the unpopular Harbaugh moved on in a mutual parting of ways to his alma mater, the University of Michigan. Meanwhile, quarterback Colin Kaepernick regressed at a pretty significant rate which took Roman off all of those head-coaching short lists and the former flavor of the month will now be trying to turn around E.J. Manuels career as Rex Ryans new offensive chief in Buffalo. That left Fangio, public perception and perhaps CEO Jed York, as the only roadblocks between Baalke and his preferred plan, Tomsula. Fangio made it a little more difficult by being flexible. The veteran defensive coordinator, who was Tomsulas boss for the past four years, wanted the job and even offered to stay on as the leader of the defense if the Niners decided an offensive-minded head coach like Adam Gase was the way to go. Fangio got the courtesy interview for the head-coaching position, as did plenty of others familiar names like Ryan, Seattle defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniells, the father-and-son duo of Mike Shanahan and Kyle Shanahan, and Rooney Rule seat-fillers Teryl Austin and Todd Bowles, who is now the head coach of the New York Jets. Jim Kelly Bills Jersey. Lip service was even paid to UCLA coach Jim Mora Jr. But Tomsula was always the end game in Baalkes mind. Trotting in so many familiar names took care of the public-perception angle by allowing Baalke to spin things and claim Tomsula was the best candidate of all the names mentioned. And perhaps the 11th hour game of footsie played with Gase in Denver earlier this week, something even some seasoned NFL insiders were buying, was a slight-of-hand trick aimed at York in order to acquiesce the CEO, who has to know Tomsula brings little cachet to a position that used to house a true heavyweight in Harbaugh. After conducting a thorough coaching search, and meeting with a number of outstanding candidates, Jim Tomsula clearly is the right man to lead this team, York claimed. Jim is a great teacher and a tremendous mentor who conducts himself with great class and integrity. And make no mistake, Tomsula could turn out to be a very good head coach, but its a Marc Trestman-like move for Baalke. If it works, the 49ers football chief will be regarded as the smartest guy in the room, something his detractors claim he craves, But, if it doesnt, Baalke will go down the same path as the guy who plucked Trestman out of the CFL to coach the Chicago Bears, ex-Windy City GM Phil Emery. After all, think about what happened here. Since running off Harbaugh, Baalke went through a dog-and-pony show, shrouded as a vetting process in order to make the one candidate he actually had interest in seem stronger, finally pulling the trigger on Wednesday and naming his friend the 49ers head coach. By doing so, Baalke elevated a defensive line coach with one-game of interim head coaching experience after Mike Singletary was run out of town, and no coordinator gigs on his NFL resume over numerous highly regarded, veteran coaches who have seemed ready for years. Our organization is excited to have Jim Tomsula leading this football team, Baalke said. Maybe I would be excited to -- if Baalke ditched the subterfuge and flashed the courage of his rather obvious convictions. China Jerseys Wholesale Cheap Jerseys Wholesale NFL Camo Jerseys Wholesale NFL Gear Cheap Jerseys Online Disocunt Football Jerseys Cheap NFL Black Jerseys ' ' '



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