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How exactly are device drivers and interrupt handlers connected?

Hi guys,

So, recently, I finished reading Intel's big manual; I learned a ton.

Anyway, I was very disappointed to see that there wasn't any attention paid specifically to two big low level sub-systems for modern computer systems: device drivers and the graphics system.

Despite the fact that the word 'driver' appears 44 times in the PDF (I control-Fed it) there isn't a chapter dedicated to drivers nor any real explanation as to how drivers and interrupt handlers are supposed to interact.

I assume that the interrupt handler at some point calls out to the driver to query the hardware I/O device by reading status registers on that I/O device to ascertain the nature of the interrupt and obtain other status information.

But, where is the device driver stored?

Is it subject to paging, or is it part of the kernel?

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2017-09-11 13:42:22



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