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Guidelines for the Boing Forums

Please follow all of these guidelines!

1. Don't Spam! This one is a big one! Spamming can be posting several random letters or a bunch of smileys. Another way of spamming is advertising stuff that you could get tricked into buying or downloading malicious things. Always remember that if you see someone spamming, hit the report button, and either Mokat or I will take care of it.

2. Don't be or feed the trolls!Don't be a troll! A troll is a person who makes rude comments or spams continuously. When I say Don't Feed the Trolls, I meant DO NOT reply to them! It will only give them attention and they will continue to do it. If you see a troll please hit the report button and again, Mokat or I will take care of it.

3. Do not create posts/topics that you know could start flamewars. These include religion, politics, etc...

4. Do not post any personal information. These include email addresses, house addresses, password, or full name. If you and you're parents are OK with it, you can post your age or FIRST name only. Just remember that once someone sees it, they might not forget about it.

Follow these 4 guidelines, and you're good to go!

And like always, Boing-Away!



2012-05-07 00:53:26


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Re: Guidelines for the Boing Forums

Very true. When I was younger I posted my email address and my mom actually had to change my email because people were sending spam emails and they were actually using my email address to sign up on websites :( Rainbow!




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